Professional Audio Editing

Quick Turnaround

Budget Friendly

“Get rid of shitty sound. Life’s too short.”
– Hans Zimmer

What we offer

Podcast Production

Let us fix up, edit, or produce your podcast.
Low on time?
Why not let us do it all.

Music Composition

Need something specific or original?
Let us create some bespoke music for you.

 Sound Design

Want to add some extra ZING to your podcast?
We have vast libraries of sound effects from realistic background atmospheres to explosions.

 Video Editing

Are you a wedding or event photographer?

Let us edit your footage.

Lock DOwn Specials

  Raise the bar for teaching from home

Moving your course online?

Need to make things look and sound cleaner?

Let us give you an extra edge.

 Clean up your field recordings

Independent journalist?

Captured a great story?

Let us clean up your audio-visuals.

Podcasting – without the fuss

Let US do the grunt work – leaving you more time for ideas and conversations.